It looks like you’ve provided a detailed update on a poker

It looks like you’ve provided a detailed update on a poker– match between Daniel Negreanu and Doug Polk. Here’s a summary of the key points:

Daniel Negreanu won $177,000 during the first 200 hands of the head-to-head match against Doug Polk, which took place at Aria with a $200-$400 no-limit hold’em.

The remaining 24,800 hands of the match moved online to

Over the next 806 hands, Doug Polk turned the tide, winning $268,000, resulting in a total swing of $268,031.82 over 1006 hands.

Despite a setback in the earlier hands, Daniel Negreanu kunjungi agen online terbaik experienced a strong comeback in another session, winning $166,239.03 over 382 hands.

The overall session has been described as good for Negreanu, with a positive outcome of $268,031.82 so far.

The first online session lasted over two hours, with 424 hands played on two tables, featuring a $40,000 buy-in and automatic top-ups to 100 big blinds.

Doug Polk won slightly over $218,000 in the first session, giving him an overall profitable outcome.

Negreanu faced unfavorable situations and lost buy-ins, including a hand where he went all-in preflop with AQ against Polk’s QQ and another hand where he bluffed with a club flush draw but lost to Polk’s two pair on the river.

It seems like an interesting and closely contested poker match, with both players experiencing swings in fortune over the course of the hands played.